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As far as I am able to determine, all tunes are either in the Public Domain or are my own works. All works are licensed under a
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Recent Additions: 11/19/2012

Angelina Baker (A Mixolodian)
Clawhammer Banjo

Tunes,Songs and Other Recordings
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Clawhammer Banjo Solos

Angelina Baker (A Mixolodian)
This fiddle tune is usually played in the key of D, or at least out of Double D tuning on the banjo. There was a request on the Banjo HangOut for a version in A tuning. I had been fooling around with the tune in A, so I tabbed it out and discovered that I had apparently "crookedized" it, as well as shifted it to a modal key.   Tab

Arkansas Traveler
This is a well-known banjo and fiddle tune that isn't played often enough. This one is done in the key of G   Tab

Barlow Knife
This is a fun little tune that I can play all day! Done on my Deering Goodtime, it is the first recording with the Fyberskin head and No-Knot tailpiece. Standard G tuning.   Tab

Black Eyed Daisy
This is an old tune I learned from a tab by Bob Carlin. I really like the simplicity of the tune.

Breaking Up Christmas
Clawhammer Banjo (aEADE)

Cluck Old Hen
A traditional fiddle/banjo tune rendered in the Kyle Creed style. I find this style cleaner, more uncluttered than much of the newer versions.

Colored Aristocracy
Clawhammer Banjo (gDGBD)

Cumberland Gap
A fairly standard fiddle/banjo tune common throughout the Appalachian Mountains. Played in "Sandy River Belles" tuning (gEADE).

Drowsy Maggy
Clawhammer banjo

Glass of Gin
I was fooling around with the banjo tuned to double C and capoed the other day and came up with this simple tune. Lots of drop-thumb, kind of a nice cooler after the heat of an Arizona summer day.

Lizard On The Garden Wall
An original tune for Clawhammer banjo. I came up with this one while sitting on the patio watching a lizard running along the face of my garden wall while being pursued by a Cardinal. The lizard won this round!   Tab

An upbeat little clawhammer banjo tune in the key of G.

Mississippi Sawyer
Clawhammer banjo version of the old fiddle tune.

Clawhammer Banjo rendition of an old fiddle tune.

Old Jawbone
A Henry Reed fiddle tune rendered on my Chuck Lee Lone Star openback banjo. I hope to one day add the fiddle to this catchy melody. Done in the key of G.

Pusch Ridge
Another original tune, but I think it just a bit of that old-time sound to it.  Tab

Rolling Mills (on a fretless banjo)

Tuning: eBC#F#B. Played on a fretless mountain banjo with Minstrel strings, which require a lower tuning. If this on on my steel string banjo, the tuning would be f#DEAD.

Sally In The Tater Patch
My Clawhammer banjo version of "Sally In The Garden" mixed with "Tater Patch."

Spooky Cripple Creek
Clawhammer Banjo in a minor tuning. This came about on All Hallow's Eve a few years ago after hearing a version by Donald Zepp that struck me as eerie.

Fiddle Tunes

Folk Songs

Danville Girl
Vocal and Banjo. This is a nice hobo/love song. I like the fact that the basic clawhammer stroke works great for 3/4 time tunes.   Tab

Fair Margaret and Sweet William (Child #74)
Guitar and Vocal. Tab

Good Old Mountain Dew
Clawhammer banjo and vocal.

John B Sails
Clawhammer and Vocal (also known as Sloop John B).   Tab

Lady Margaret
Clawhammer banjo and vocal of the oldtime version of Child 74.

Old Bangum
An old ballad, unaccompanied. I got this version from one done by Mike and Peggy Seeger.
I really like these old songs. There are other versions, one of them done often by string bands is called "Wild Hog In The Woods."

Clawhammer banjo and Vocal.

The Fox
Clawhammer banjo and Vocal. This is an old song that I've known since a boy.   Tab

Worried Man Blues
Vocal and Banjo I have always liked this tune, and finally got around to working up a clawhammer arrangement for it.   Tab

Guitar Solos

Ländler and Caprice
I haven't really played Classical guitar in over 20 years, but recently I felt my Goya G-10 longing to try some. So, I dug out an old notation book and spent a couple of hours practicing a few of the short ones I used to play. Here is a Ländler by Joseph Küffner and a Caprice by Ferdinando Carulli.

Singer/Songwriter Stuff

Sometimes I Feel Like A Nut
An original talking blues with Clawhammer banjo.

Talkin' Ortega Dining Commons Blues
An original talking blues in the Woody Guthrie/Bob Dylan vein. I wrote this one in a Spanish class while I was at University in the early '60s. I don't think I could get away with it in this day and age.

Ukulele & Mountain Dulcimer Pieces

Blue Ukulele Waltz
An original Ukelele instrumental. Lots of reverb in the mix.